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Marsha Naccarato, Education Specialist

My grandmother taught my two cousins and me to sew by hand when we were about 6 years old. It was more to keep us out of her hair than anything else, but we had free use of her scrap and button baskets and we made wonderful, fantastic doll wardrobes. I was hooked and went from doll clothes to machine sewing, and by junior high and high school I was sewing most of my own clothes, re-designing patterns, and doing some clothes sewing for friends. I had always wanted to quilt, but with two boys, working, and classes held mostly during the day it remained a “wish” until around 2005. The boys were grown, the local quilt store offered night classes, and the rest is history.

I minored in art during college, but rather than the fine arts I have always been drawn toward crafts and the types of things I can manipulate and put together with my hands. Quilting is very satisfying – the feel of fabric, the color, cutting apart, putting together – and it also has a design logic that I find appealing.

Secondary education was my college major, and while I don’t enjoy teaching large classes of students, I have found through leading small groups in various activities, that that is where my teaching interest lies. I enjoy putting the techniques and ideas out there, guiding the process, and seeing what results.

Here are some extras about me. I like to listen to people’s stories about their lives and adventures. I am so happy that I can still be surprised and even shocked by life events. I lived for several years in the Middle East and thoroughly enjoyed the people and experiences I had there. I am a cat person and have two tortoise shell cats named Layla and Idgit. In the 20 years we have been married, my wonderful husband and I have lived in 22 homes, 4 countries, and 8 states – 2 of those states more than once.


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